The world new to me.


What I was doing for the past month was researching on the world of modular synthesizer. Also, no one would believe this, but I was listening to classical music. I am completely excited about the world at this age I have never heard or touched since I was born.

Unfortunately for me I do not have much time left to master everything what I am interesting in from now.


写真が少なくて面白くなーい! とのご意見が多々ありインスタグラムを始めました。となりのコラムにフィードされます。普段スマフォのアプリをあまり触らないので始めるのに苦労しました。スタジオの様子などや四季折々の様子を伝えていければと思います。宜しくお願いします。

instagram   ototobastudioまでどうぞ!

There are some comments that it’s not interesting because of a few photos on the sites. Then I decided to start Instagram. I struggled to get started because I did not use the application of smartphone very much including photo applications. The studio would like to show that we don’t sleep through life. Thanks in advance to follow and see it.



After the Japanese government has unveiled “Reiwa” as the name of a new era, all the media take up many stories in every minute behind this new ‘GENGO’ -era. Everyone in the studio has been already tired of it.


アルバム制作で疲れてしまって約1ヶ月ほどおやすみしていましたが、このsmall talkをシーズン2として再開します。シーズン1(過去ログ)はhttp://tweet.ototoba.comでお読みください。


It has been a little break for a month since the last log, but small talk renews as season 2. You may read season 1 (past log) at In addition, since there are many requests that want to know of ototobastudio, we are planning INSTAGRAM site up soon.新元号