Hochono House制作にかかわる細野晴臣氏のインタビューをいくつか読んでみて思ったことがあった。それは、常に時代の旬な音(氏は音像という言葉を何回も使っていた)を探しながら制作していたこと。46年も前のHOAONO HOUSEを10年代の終わりの音でリメイク(リイメージとジャケットには記載されていた)びっくりしたが、氏らしいテーマだったのだろうと思った。


歳をとるにつれて薄れてゆく音に対する探究心。Hochono Houseはそんな現状に、おいおいと言ってくれたアルバムだったと思う。

One thing I found after reading a few interviews of Mr. Haruomi Hosono related to his production of the ‘Hochono House’. It’s that he is producing the album while searching for the most recent sounds of that time (he had used the word ‘sound image’ many times), so it was a good theme to transfer the sound ‘HOSONO HOUSE’ 46 years ago to update now.

What is your favorite music? If the answer is like rock’n’ roll of the ’60s and ’70s. There are so many playlists appeared on the screen. I buy remixes and remasters that will be released every 10 years again and again. I am accustomed to the sound from the internet, which is low and fat.

‘Hochono House’ is the album, which is heavily rotating on my turntable currently, alerting my attitude towards sound, music, and even recording.



When I was talking to aodamo about the next album while listening to FM, a song hit me and stop the meeting. Immediately I noticed that the voice and song are Haruomi Hosono. Moreover, it is one of the Hosono House songs that I listened to until it was worn out. When I searched on the Internet, the publicity of the album got stuck a lot. In addition, there are interviews in Music Magazine and Sound and Recording Magazine. Recently, music packages have rarely been purchased, and LP records have not been purchased since 1982 by myself, but not only magazines, I bought the analog record of this album through the net. The Hosono House 46 years ago was attracted me not only to the songs but also to its production process. I would like to learn more from this current work of Haruomi Hosono how to struggle with a home recording by himself.



A movie depicting the world without the Beatles will be released (World Premium on May 4th, New York, UK June, Japan October). It reminds me of that there is a comic story in Japan depicting time slip before the Beatles was famous. I don’t want the movie ends only with a story that the Beatles are surely great like the comic.


クリスマスとかハロウィーンは映画や歌や渋谷の交差点のおかげで日本人にも馴染があるが、イースターはどうだろうか? イースターはイエス様が十字架で処刑された3日後に復活したお祝いだとされている。だとすると、どうしてペイントされた卵だとかウサギちゃんが登場するんだろうか? 諸説あるだろうが、古代の豊穣のお祭りが起源とするらしい。じゃあウサギは? ウサギは多産で豊穣のシンボル、卵はそのウサギが貧しい人たちに運んだとされたと言われている。(そうだよねウサギは卵をうまない)。さらに、イースターは、毎年日にちがちがう。春分の日から次の満月以降の日曜日とややっこしいが、今年は、4月21日。で、この日は、皆、バニーちゃんの格好で、ウサギの耳をつけて渋谷の交差点でハイタッチってかあ?

Christmas and Halloween are familiar with Japanese people thanks to movies, songs and the intersection of Shibuya, but how about Easter? Easter is said to be a celebration that was resurrected three days after Jesus was executed on the cross. If so, why is a painted egg or rabbit appeared? There may be various reasons, but it seems to originate from the festival of ancient rich fertility. Then what about a rabbit? Rabbits are prolific and fertile symbols, and eggs are said to be carried by the rabbits to the poors. Furthermore, Easter has different dates every year. It is sloppy from Sunday of the full moon after the day of the vernal equinox to the next full moon and this year, April 21st. So, on this day, how about dressing as Bunny, wearing rabbit ears and hi-touching at a crossing in Shibuya?



Looks strange that most media stand by for reporting in front of the detention house. TV cameras also stand by. Japan is the only country that continues to broadcast live for suspect setting free. Is there no other news to inform the public more? ! !